Bad Habits for Our Health

In addition to good habits, there are also bad habits that we are accustomed to doing without realizing, that can impoverish our health or hurt us daily and over time. In this article we will make a list of those habits that we do and that at the same time are hurting us:

Sedentary life

Sedentary life is a bad habit that many do and that are part of the reasons for mortality and disability. It is a great risk factor that we do not usually take into account.

The inactivity we perform produces a weakening of our bones, and the progressive loss of muscle mass. Increased chances of suffering from arthritis, including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, among others, may be more noticeable in our future. Cardiovascular diseases, obesity, stress … Say goodbye to sedentary life.

Stress, a great enemy

You should know that stress is a bad habit that impacts our health in many ways, not just psychological. Stress is very harmful to our body; it is a physical danger. You must increase self-confidence, self-esteem, contact with nature and with other people. We must change our thinking if we always think negative, and find activities that make us produce endorphins (the hormone of happiness.)

The use of the sun cream

The fact of not putting sun cream can mean that we are exposing our body to the naked, for years, to all kinds of environmental agents that make our skin suffer and suffer. We must pay attention to a correct hydration of the skin. The use of sun cream contributes to the regeneration of our cells, provides us with vitamins, makes us more elastic, and many other substances that will help us to keep our skin healthy.

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Drink little water

As we have mentioned in many articles, water is vital to keep us healthy. It is not advisable to drink less than 1 liter of water a day, or more than two. Water regenerates us, activates us, gives us much of what our organism needs, and keeps us more active, and favors metabolism. Drink lots of water and you will feel lighter, and healthier.

Lack of sleep

Also, lack of sleep is very harmful to our body, causing endless diseases and repercussions in our day to day. If we rest enough hours we will notice a great improvement in our organism. The habit change is small and can become very efficient and good for our body. We must provide our body with sufficient hours of sleep and a restful rest every day.

Salty foods

Salt is very harmful to our health, and consumed in excess affects our skin, and because of its high sodium content. Its uncontrolled consumption can end up causing us to retain fluids, which can cause swelling in various parts of the body especially in our eyes.

Do not eat fat

A big mistake that many people make, whose goal is to stay lean, is to not eat high-fat foods to completely eliminate them. There is an abysmal difference between high-fat foods and foods that have both saturated and harmful fats. The healthy fats that we should consume are fish, rich in omega-3s, nuts … Since our body needs them for a good functioning of our cells.

Excess in tobacco and alcohol

When we are young we do not realize the horrible consequences that smoking and drinking alcohol have for our health. Smoking is a healthy zero habit for us and for those around us. It can lead us to have risks of lung diseases, and be very harmful to our heart, causing problems of obstruction in the arteries.

As for alcohol, we know that in moderation should not cause risk, especially if we refer to wine or beer, could even be beneficial. But, drinking too much alcohol can carry risks of hypertension, altering our heart; It can also lead to weight gain due to increased calories.

Do not eat fruits and vegetables

These provide us with a fantastic amount of essential nutrients; And in addition, they are great sources of carbohydrates, water, fibers. Consuming more fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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