Work your buttocks and lower abdomen with three routines from home

Work your buttocks
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If with the arrival of summer can only think in the days of beach, you would better put to work as soon as possible those muscles that most look to the sea: your buttocks and abdomen. While there are certain routines to work separately, the truth is that there are exercises to tone them at the same time, which we can do from the comfort of our home.

For this series of exercises, remember to do some warm-up, it is best to run about 15 minutes and then start working the area completely.

Work your buttocks
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Climber climbing

As you’re climbing a steep hill this exercise is effective for buttocks legs and lower abdomen : position yourself in plank position with your legs straight and arms extended, then takes one of your knees as close to your chest and Returns to the starting position. Then change your leg and continue in turn until you complete 30 seconds of exercise for every ten of rest between repetitions. In this routine the faster you do repetitions will work over the lower abdomen and buttocks the more you stretch the leg back in the rest position will tone.

Iron with jump to the front

In itself this routine is a little more complicated than the previous one, but much more effective. In pushup position instead of bringing one leg forward, you will give a slight jump with both and then you will incorporate completely. Why is it a more complete exercise? Flexing your legs forward while you are working the lower abdomen evenly also when merge with your back straight, you make your glutes do the same movement that would perform with sit -ups or squats.

Front-tilt squat

We know that there is no better routine exercise your legs and buttocks that squats, but this exercise has taken a twist to also involve the abdomen. Standing with legs apart at shoulder height makes a common squat, but is leaning slightly forward exerting force in the abdomen to remove fat usually accumulates there. In this routine, the only care you must have is not to lean too far forward to avoid back injuries.

Leave aside the excuses and sign up to lose weight, bringing out your abs and glutes with these exercises to work them in a simple and practical.

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