What’s behind the main causes of obesity?

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When we talk about excess weight it is clear that the trigger of this situation is a positive energy balance, caused by a reduced caloric expenditure and / or a high energy intake. However, behind these situations are the main causes of obesity, we can find many factors that contribute to progressive weight gain and fat in the body.

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What’s behind a high caloric intake?

So that we have an excessive caloric intake long term, promotes weight gain, there are different factors triggers. Among them:

  • Emotional eating that encourages us to eat even without hunger. For example, in response to stress, sadness, anger, boredom, among others and therefore, we must learn to control.
  • Delayed satiation which may be caused by internal factors because of metabolic abnormalities or may be the result of customs and habits that do not help us reconcile it and stop consumption. To reverse we can chew more, choose satiating foods and also eat slowly.
  • Eating disorders such as being a compulsive eater or suffering from binge eating disorders that encourages a high caloric intake. It can also cause suffer night eating syndrome.
  • High availability and access to dense foods energy that abound today and also have low cost, hence there is a prevalence of obesity in poverty and obesity also has an economic cause and be very difficult to approach by Of governments.
  • Increase the size of the portions of food in recent years has been considerable and as we tend to eat everything served because we are “completers”, encourage excessive consumption. Therefore, it is always a good choice to serve individual portions of food, do not eat the container and serve in small dish to reduce “portion”.
  • Poor education and nutrition information that can be aggravated by confusing labeling or the consumer fails to understand. Therefore, it is important to interpret and read the nutrition information for labeling.
  • Emotional, endocrine or hormonal abnormalities can also condition our caloric intake, for example, have thyroid problems, suffer from premenstrual syndrome, depression, anxiety or other leading to search for food and not be satisfied. In these cases, in addition to clinically treat each condition, you can help choose healthy sweets and lighter as well as controlling emotional eating as mentioned above.

In addition to these factors lie behind one of the main causes of obesity as excessive caloric intake, we can find other conditions such as stress, advertising and food stimuli around us, among others contributing to eat badly and In greater quantity.

What lies behind the lower caloric expenditure?

Just as there are factors that lead to overeating and achieve high caloric intake, others that contribute to fewer calories expended, for example:

  • Mental or emotional disorders such as depression, social anxiety, phobias that prevent go outside and socialize with others can reduce physical activity and promote sedentary lifestyle. It is essential to clinically treat these conditions to encourage daily exercise.
  • Endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism can lead to a reduced caloric expenditure or a slower metabolism. It can also happen because of menopause. In these cases we can take care of the diet, clinically treat hormonal dysfunctions and also never stop training to keep as active as possible our metabolism.
  • Sedentary work that encourages us to spend much time sitting and therefore reduces daily calorie expenditure. It is important to cut downtime at least every two hours, avoid incorrect and static positions and use other tricks to stay in the least possible sedentary workday.
  • Consistent temperature that demand no effort to maintain their own body temperature stable. For example, abuse of heating or air conditioners and no exposure to cold or heat can reduce energy expenditure. We must avoid these mistakes and also not shelter us too much to train or being outdoors at this time of year.

These and other factors such as the increased technology, physical disability, social insecurity, among others can determine the energy expenditure and promote a positive energy balance.

In the causes of obesity can also influence aspects alien to us as those that during our mother’s pregnancy were “molding” our metabolism.

All these and many more factors are behind the main causes of obesity and demonstrate the complexity of this disease and how much it contributes to the current development environment. No wonder obesity lurks and has become a true pandemic.

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