Tips to Get the Most Out of Food Antioxidants

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Antioxidants can offer great benefits to our body and care both inside and out. Therefore, its inclusion as part of the usual diet is of great importance. Today we leave some tricks to get the most antioxidants from food.

Do not lose antioxidants!

Many foods provide antioxidants to our body, but depending on the antioxidant in question and how we handle, cook or eat foods that provide the same, we can lose or miss many of them.

For example, vitamin C, some fatty acids, vitamin A and E, among others, are oxidized or lost if we do not care how we cook foods that have or do not store them properly.

So if you want to maximize the antioxidant food and enjoy its benefits in the body, you should take note of the following tricks.

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Tricks to Get the Most Out of Antioxidants

For not reducing the antioxidant content of foods and also make the most of them in our body, it is essential that you always have in mind the following tips :

  • Avoid long periods of storage and prolonged cooking , because longer after opening a product or handled, the greater the loss of nutrients and antioxidants.
  • If we store fruit, vegetables, juices, olive oil or the like, always better to do it in a cool place in covered and dark container, as exposure to heat, sunlight and oxygen promotes the loss of vitamin C, flavonoids, And other antioxidants.
  • If cooked vegetables and / or fruit, steamed or better to do it with the least amount of water possible, for a short time.
  • Wash food consumed before peeling and / or cutting and possibly, consume skin and cut them not long before ingestion.
  • Avoid prolonged fritters or poorly made, because fats solubilize carotenes, vitamin A and E have antioxidant action.
  • Combine preparations sources of carotenes, vitamin A and E with healthy fats to enhance absorption in the body. For example, we can consume a salad of green leaves with olive oil, tomatoes loaded with lycopenes or carrots with much vitamin A combined with nuts, seeds or other sources of good fats.
  • But not thaw frozen food cooking directly, as it has been shown that the defrosted and later boiled vegetables accentuates some loss of antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C.
  • Refrigerate fruit juices packaged once opened or freshly made in container covered to reduce the loss of vitamin C in particular.

With these tricks you can make the most of the food antioxidants present in your diet to reduce your loss and enhance absorption in the body.

If you want more antioxidants, these tips will allow you to increase the levels easily consumed and thus enhance its benefits in our body.

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