The laser – a modern instrument, giving youth and beauty

laser teatment
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Laser cosmetology – one of the most important trends in modern aesthetic medicine. Every year, the procedure using a laser are improved, thereby making it possible correction of the defects that were previously impossible to remove without the use of a scalpel.

What is laser?

What we used to call the laser actually has a more complicated name – optical quantum generator. This device is capable of converting one form of energy to another, and direct rays of this energy in a certain place in a very thin beam.

On the possibility to construct such a generator guessed more Albert Einstein. He expressed this assumption in 1918. After 10 years, his theory confirmed by German physicists Hans Kopfermann and Rudolf Ladenburg. In 1960, the American scientist Theodore Maiman was able to collect the first laser system.

laser teatment
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How does

Since then, laser (optical maser) changed several times, becoming more and more perfect. New laser systems are used in various fields of human activity: nuclear physics, astronomy, chemistry, laser shows, and in medicine.

The main feature of the laser treatment is its ability to selectively affect the tissue located not only on the skin surface, but also in its deep layers. In 1983, this process is known as “selective photothermolysis”. Doctors say that this is a breakthrough in the field of dermatology.

In 2003, the world was introduced even more perfect method to skin – fractional photothermolysis. Today he is considered one of the safest and most effective means of combating the various age-related skin defects

Laser pros

The main advantage of fractional photothermolysis – the minimum scope of its impact. Laser rays affect only the damaged areas of the skin, so the neighboring healthy cells are actively involved in the process of its recovery.

During the treatment with the laser light pulse into the skin, whereby the affected cells are heated inner layers. Since the device has a built-in cooling system, a patient during laser feels a slight tingling. Particularly sensitive people offer medical treatment of the skin cream with anesthetic effect, and then no discomfort from the procedure does not arise.

Another of the advantages of laser – the impossibility of infection, because the outer layers remain completely undamaged. Treatment of advanced fractional unit is well tolerated by patients with any type of skin, and complications of such therapy is almost never occur.

Why use

When a laser is used only for the removal of warts and bleaching age spots. Now the laser devices to create real miracles:

  1. Remove age spots, warts, papillomas, nevi, and so on. D.
  2. Eliminate wrinkles.
  3. Restores skin elasticity.
  4. To get rid of stretch marks, scars, vascular network, wine stains.

With fractional unit performed deep peels and skin resurfacing, eliminate the unwanted vegetation on the body and even remove fat deposits. The laser – a reliable means against tattoos. It is also recommended for those who are tired of long fruitless struggle with acne.

Fractional laser can be used not only for treatment of the skin, but also for the prevention of its aging. Experts recommend to carry out preventive treatments with him after reaching 30 years of age.

What is important to know?

The main thing with laser treatment – finding a good clinic, where qualified doctors are working. Do not be tempted low price services: laser therapy can not be cheap.

A good clinic the patient will choose an individual course of treatment depending on the problems of his skin.

During pregnancy, breastfeeding, blood diseases, diseases of internal organs, tumors, cancer, epilepsy, herpes with laser treatments are contraindicated acute stage.

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