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The Japanese diet
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Diet of Japan such as this is probably one of the most popular types of diets used throughout the world. It should be noted that the popularity of the Japanese diet is only the Kremlin diet. The Japanese diet occupies such a leading position due to the decrease in body weight rate in the most shortest time, with the weight after the diet passed a course is not reached at a rapid pace. Usually people use Japanese diet lose weight, on average, 5-10 kg, for a course length of two weeks. Such a welcome and high quality results achieved by artificial changes in the rhythm of the body’s metabolism of substances.

What else allows the Japanese diet to be on a level of popularity? The most important thing is that the result is fixed for a period of at least two to three years, with the minimum of effort on the part of the passing rate of weight loss Japanese diet. This low-calorie diet, and in the most critical days of the total number of calories eaten per day is not more than 750. Chip is to bet on the tremendously low content of carbohydrates in the food that allows the body to burn fat as much as possible surplus.

The Japanese diet
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Recommendations regarding the Japanese diet:

  1. The most important thing is to strictly follow the recommendations set out in the Japanese diet menus and in any case not replace what these products or others.
    2. Consistency – the key to success. In no event should not interrupt or skip any of the stages of the passage of the diet. This will negatively affect conceived process, and as a consequence the result will not be pleasing to the eye.
    3. Do not eat during the course of slimming bakery and salt. Also, the negative effects will have a reception alcohol. Drinking mineral water is better.
    4. The most important point to not force yourself, try to calculate your diet so that the maximum smoothly enter the Japanese diet and the course as smoothly back to normal power.

The Japanese diet by day

The menu, the ingredients of the Japanese Diet:

First Day: Breakfast is only black tea or coffee. At lunch – cook salad using conventional boiled cabbage, sunflower oil can be added to taste. 200-300 grams of tomato juice or a couple of boiled eggs. For dinner, it is best to use the first day of fried fish.
Second day: At breakfast, exactly the same as on the first day, only coffee or black tea. Generally, if a person does not eat breakfast – it reduces its weight, but do not overdo it with these, because this may lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For lunch, the second day can be sentenced fried or boiled fish, sea better, it has more vitamins. Plus, you can add vegetable salad seasoned with sunflower, olive oil is better. Dinner 100 grams of boiled beef and 1 cup of yogurt district.
The third day: Breakfast is the same as the previous days. For lunch, a couple of small-sized zucchini, roasted in a pan. One, two boiled eggs. Dinner 200 grams of boiled beef. The second dish you can submit a cabbage salad.
Fourth day: Breakfast – black tea and coffee. On a couple of dinner, you can 3-ri boiled carrots filled with sunflower oil. 15-20 grams of cheese and one raw egg. For dinner, we eat only fruit. Let this be apples or pears.
Fifth day: In the morning, breakfast rubbed raw carrots mixed with lemon juice. For lunch, roast fish or broth, add 200 grams of tomato juice. For dinner, we eat only one fruit.
Sixth Day: Sutra for breakfast start from the already traditional black tea or coffee. For lunch, a little boiled chicken and a small salad of diced fresh carrots and cabbage. For dinner, a salad of carrots with sunflower or olive oil, you can add a couple of boiled testicles.
Seventh Day: On that day every morning for tomorrow drink 200 grams of green-leaf, high-quality tea, it is desirable that this tea was rich in selenium, to hard to withdraw toxins from the body. Lunch 200 grams with boiled beef, you can add some fruit. Dinner will consist of boiled crabs, if that pleasure for any reason it is impossible to prepare, you can boil or fry itself marine fish.
Eighth Day: The breakfast starts with a half glass of water on empty stomach, better mineral or spring. 20 minutes later should drink 200 grams of high-quality green tea. Lunch is better to eat a little boiled chicken and a small salad of cabbage with carrots, add olive or vegetable oil to taste.
Ninth Day: Before breakfast, drink plain, unmarked, mineral waters. After that, the green tea. For lunch we eat fried fish and drink 150 grams of tomato juice. In the evening, we eat only fruits for dinner.
Tenth day: Breakfast as in the 9th. For lunch, 2-3 boiled carrots with oil + 20 grams of cheese, you can add one, two boiled eggs. For dinner, we eat fruits and think about looking forward to a result)
Eleventh day: Breakfast is already familiar to us. For lunch we eat a couple of fried zucchini. In the evening dinner with 200 grams of boiled beef-minute and the second dish is best to use a couple of eggs and cooked salad of fresh cabbage.
The twelfth day: As with the tenth day.
Thirteenth day: repeats the eighth day.
The fourteenth day: Breakfast starts with green tea. For lunch we eat a salad of boiled cabbage and sunflower oil. 150 grams of tomato juice and a couple of boiled testicles. For dinner, fry myself marine fish. And in the morning proverte your weight. Enjoy the result.

The most important thing in the Japanese diet – a diet compliance. Breakfast should not start later than 9:00 am and lunch after 14:00. Also note that if you do not have time to dine out to six o’clock in the evening – you will not go to bed after supper that day.


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