Localized weight loss: is it possible?

Localized weight loss
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Lose weight is a desire of many, but perhaps there are more people who are looking for a localized slimming, aimed at defeating the localized fat on the thighs and hips in women and abdomen in humans. The localized fat, it is useless to deny it, has an aesthetic effect sometimes terrible and is capable of ruining and deforming a body, that’s why it can be really helpful to understand if and how you can reach the much desired localized slimming perhaps using the support personal trainer and nutritionist to combine eating and targeted exercise.

Localized weight loss
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Needless to make illusions and claim victory, latest research shows that the localized slimming is an illusion because our body has a mechanism of its own to accumulate and dispose of the fat that is difficult to subvert. For many, however, who managed to reach the slimming localized in the desired area, this is a reality: who will be right? In the course of this article we will show both versions.

Localized slimming: reality or illusion?

Scientific journals, physicians and expert fitness are divided on this issue: for some the localized slimming is a reality, for others a pipe dream! The points in favor of either thesis predictably are many and even scientific evidence to support equally valid. But give a clear answer on the feasibility of localized slimming is somewhat risky. We try to give you some examples. Prey for example a sport in which you use a particular part at the expense of the other body: for example tennis. The tennis player, in fact, tend to strengthen the dominant arm or what used to play at the expense of. Immediately you will think that the dominant arm is more “rich” of muscle and “poorest” of fat. Well no: several studies have shown that the layer of fat in the two arms was exactly the same.

Another study, conducted on women this time, he recruited women who have problems to slim down thighs and buttocks by subjecting them to a series of exercises aimed at progressive intensity for a month. Result? The amount of fat present in the fat cells of these women was identical to that of departure. But how do you explain all this? The secret is inherent in the hormones that have the ability to distribute the fat stores in the body and increase muscle mass if properly trained. In fact, the body fat in the accumulation and dissolve follows his process : you get fat from the bottom upwards and slimming in the opposite direction. In particular, when starting a weight loss the first parts that deteriorate are the face, neck and breast belt.

This is to be attributed to the receptors present on these cells that, in these areas, are more sensitive to adrenaline and noradrenaline. Instead, the most difficult and least sensitive areas to the action of these hormones are their thighs and buttocks. Therefore, to facilitate the slimming of these areas, it is impossible to act on the production of the hormones we need to create genuine central “burns” fats that are the muscles. It is wrong to think that exercise should be localized: all the muscles must be developed and trained by alternating aerobic training (exercise bike, elliptical ) and anaerobic training (body weight exercises).

Every action to get a localized weight loss must be to preserve lean mass and decreasing fat mass. How? Following a balanced diet and varied, avoiding excesses and caloric diets too directed to the consumption of proteins (protein diets); perform an aerobic and anaerobic workout that mixed all muscles of the body and not just those in the area that we want to lose weight; avoid fasting because cortisol that is produced has metabolic action on the muscles; not eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, but prefer those from whole grains.

Bearing in mind all these considerations can safely make yourself an idea about the localized weight loss and whether illusion or a truth you can find out just by putting the advice we have given you in practice.

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