If you are not an elite athlete, sports drinks are probably not for you

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Sports drinks have specific purposes and by the name they receive, many mistakenly believe that these are healthy products that we can consume on a regular basis. However, if you’re not an elite athlete sports drinks are probably not for you and then tell you why.

Sports drinks, not always beneficial

Its name refers to the sport and therefore often confuse many consumers who consider this kind of really healthy drinks, even they are not few parents who believe that sports drinks are healthy for their children.

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Another use of this product is one that promotes confusion intake replacing soda or other sugary drinks considered unhealthy and harmful to the body.

It is also common to see that after a gym session or a sports drink just swallowed a hot day to prevent dehydration , as these drinks are promoted as the ideal solution to keep well hydrated and improve athletic performance solution.

And while the ultimate goal of sports drinks is to moisturize after an intense effort besides replenishing water, electrolytes and energy loss, the reality is that with just water is sufficient in most cases.

An improper use of sports drinks as previously mentioned can harm instead of benefit, for about 500 ml of the same containing about 20 grams of sugar , a considerable amount of not being required is stored as fat and promotes a Positive energy balance.

The use without sports drinks can be a factor that promotes obesity and overweight, the development of tooth decay in children and also, a high intake of sodium that can have adverse health consequences.

Pure marketing?

The belief that sports drinks are healthy and that a large percentage of the population can use them without major problems has not come out of ignorance of consumers, but perhaps all is due to great marketing behind them.

A large number of websites and magazines promoting sports drinks to enhance athletic performance and prevent dehydration, however, no reference to scientific evidence to prove it is done or studies cited high risk of bias and unreliable to analyze the effect Of sports drinks in high-performance athletes only.

The evidence on the benefits and harms of sports drinks is insufficient or of poor quality, so you can not make sound recommendations on consumption.

This added to the great promotion of hydration and numerous communiques to recognized organizations made about the dangers of dehydration have encouraged the inadequate consumption of sports drinks .

Maybe, just elite athletes who have great physical wear and need replacing easily fluids, energy and electrolytes are benefiting from consumption, so if you do not belong to this sector of the population and do not have great physical demands, drinks sports are probably not for you.

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