Features eyelash extensions, select the effect, rules of care and contraindications

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Every woman wants to conquer the world bright and penetrating eyes of his long eyelashes. If nature has deprived of such beauty, the resort to capacity.

Eyelash: technology types

The traditional increase in eyelash extensions technology is a particle beam. Such a method is simple and is used for a long time. A bundle of 3-5 items are placed in the foundation of their own eyelashes. The procedure is quick and does not have a lasting effect. Typically, after two or three weeks eyelashes start to come unstuck, and even earlier.

With the help of Japanese technology spend capacity. That is for each artificial eyelash attached to genuine. Looking looks natural. Properly caring, you can save the result of one or two months.

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There was widespread capacity only top of the lash, but sometimes such procedure is carried out and with the lower part. It turns doll eye view.

Also eyelash hairs are divided by volume, is:

  • Part volume. Eyelashes are building up some space or only the outer corner of the eye.
  • The full amount. It makes eyes expressive and natural. With this technology fill the entire row of eyelashes.
  • 3D-volume. Here on a home eyelash attach several artificial. Capacity is carried out in a couple of rows, thus achieving a large volume.

Each type of building has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the result that a woman wants to get and selected technology.

Eyelash lengthening effect

Capacity allows for the most different lash effect, it:

  • Normal. To achieve it, use the hair of the same length. Here the result is as close to natural. The impression made-up eyelashes.
  • Natural. They combine elements of the two lengths. This is the most popular type of building. It fits perfectly to any type of eye. Eyes immediately acquire expressiveness and sensuality, but at the same time look natural.
  • Fox. This technique uses three lengths of hair. From the outside the longest record hairs, and with the inner – short. Eyes become fox sensual tone.
  • Puppet. To create such an effect is selected the longest eyelashes. They give the look of luxury and coquetry, create a kind of puppet. His eyes, in this case, disclosed like “the sun.”
  • Squirrel. Visually raised outer side of the eye, which makes the view deceit and mystery. Here pick up elements of different lengths. The longest glued at the outer corner of the century, and the medium and short alternately fastened over the entire length for the remaining hair.
  • Cocktail. There is alternate gluing of short and long eyelashes. There is a variation of “rays”, where alternating thin and thick hair.
  • Sparse. Hairs are selected different from the shortest to the longest. Eyelashes are fixed in size, in turn. This creates a copy of the sparsity of natural hairs.

Effects eyelash able to change the face beyond recognition. Allow to make the look expressive, enigmatic and mysterious.

Stages eyelash extension procedure

Quality eyelash extension procedure lasts 1.5-2 hours. If this event has taken 40-60 minutes, then most likely, the work was done unprofessionally and the result will remain not for long.

Build up lashes in the following sequence:

  1. First, remove makeup and degrease eyelid.
  2. On the lower eyelid impose special strips.
  3. After processing or eyelash glue beam, place them in a certain place.
  4. At the end of biopoloski clean.

At first glance, everything is simple, but carrying capacity at home leads to the use of poor quality materials. Without specific experience the desired effect does not work, and the procedure can be dangerous to health.

Any contamination on the surface of its own eyelashes, including residue makeup and sebum is removed by the means for degreasing.

Imposing biopoloski on lower lashes, prevent sticking century.

Tweezers grab each cilium or bundle and placed in the intended place. Fingers do not do.

To remove lashes need debonder – a professional tool, instantly dissolving the glue.

In qualitative performance native eyelashes are not injured procedure, and the woman looks like the cover of a glossy magazine.

Material for building

The quality of materials and devices used in the course of the procedure depends on the result itself. So, this issue should be approached with great responsibility.

Typically eyelashes for building consist of a synthetic material which, compared with natural raw materials are not expensive, well retains its shape and does not cause allergy.

Distinguish lashes by parameters:

  • Length. It may vary from 6 to 18 mm. Long eyelashes make your eyes bright and expressive, short – have a more natural look.
  • Thickness. The greater the thickness, the brighter eyes.
  • Bending. Light does look natural, and gives a strong emphasis.
  • Colour. In most cases, they used black colors, but may be brown and light eyelashes. Sometimes using creative colors.

The adhesive is chosen to build high-quality, safe. He had a few seconds to ensure rapid and reliable coupling of both artificial and natural lashes.

Building pros

Holding eyelash has a number of positive points. First of all, it is the acquisition of a bright and natural look that attracts attention and fascinates. The positive side of the procedure is no need to paint the lashes mascara daily. Subject to certain rules of care the result can be stored on a sufficiently long period.

Disadvantages and contraindications

The lengthening of the hairs on the eyelid is not recommended, if weak own lashes, as they will not withstand a large load. Contraindications for the procedure are the diseases of the eye and eyelids. It is undesirable to increase eyelashes with excessive fat eyelids, since the effect there will be short-lived.

By the same action and additional weight adhesive artificial eyelash may loosen and lead to partial loss of its own hairs. The disadvantage of the procedure is the regular eyelashes correction, which should be done every two or three weeks.

Eyelash extensions are not all women can afford and ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles, and the correction of the price is 1000 – 1500 rubles.

The basic rules of care

Each winner lashes should follow certain rules of care are:

  • immediately after eyelash not wet your eyes for a few hours;
  • to wash gently, without the use of detergents;
  • do not sleep on the face, so as not to damage the lashes;
  • for coloring eyelashes to choose mascara after a special capacity;
  • not to plan trip to the sauna, steam room or the swimming pool, as well desirable to bathe in the sea;
  • not to use gels for eyelids and fat creams;
  • to avoid any mechanical damage;
  • do not rub or touch your eyes with your fingers and eyelashes;
  • periodically comb elongated hairs;
  • not to forget the correction;
  • Do not remove the lashes yourself as only a master could do it efficiently, without harm to health.
  • we must always remember the two- or three-week break between the extensions, because his lashes require a recovery period.

By following all these rules, it is possible to carry lashes, without harm to health, a sufficiently long period.

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